Oktoberfest 1996

Our “Oktoberfest” turned out to be a great success with more than 250 guests attending. We welcomed 40 visitors, most of them from theformer GDR, who had been driving their “Zwickauer Trabis” from Chicago to L.A. on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of Route 66. The Trabi Corso was the highlight of the Oktoberfest. The parade ofcars brought back memories of that day almost seven years ago when the Berlin wall came down and thousands of Trabis were met bycheering West Berliners. A lively exchange of interesting experiencesand stories of adventure along the way took place between our visitorsfrom Germany and the Los Angelenos. Our thanks go to all the donors, especially LUFTHANSA, who contributed generously to make the Raffle Program exciting and to everyone who helped toorganize this very special event!