Interactive Tele-Conference - June 1997

The Anniversary Celebrations began with a unique interactive teleconference Berlin-Los Angeles with both Mayor Riordan and Mayor Diepgen (on-screen) and several celebrities attending this event. Many came early in the morning to this breakfast meeting and participated in the conversations that went back and forth on- and offscreen. There was an animated and cheerful exchange between the two mayors. The event ended with a toast to the ever-growing friendship between Berlin and Los Angeles. $4000 was spent on equipment rental to realize this interactive conference, Frank Mottek MC.

Mayor Richard Riordan with Nina Hagen

Mayor Richard Riordan (L), Deputy Consul Jean Pierre Rollin (C),
Michael Ballhaus (R)

Mayor Richard Riordan with Chairperson Rosemarie Reisch

Armin Müller-Stahl