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Projects and Programs from 1992 to 1998

Student Exchange - January/ April 1992
12 to 14 students between Erich Hoeppner Gymnasium in Berlin and Venice High School in Los Angeles.

Scholarship Program - June/November 1992
We sponsored two students from the former East-Berlin to study at a college or university in Los Angeles for six months. Our Committee contributed $6,000.

Garden Party at Consul Gen’l Metternich’s Residence - August 1992
Many members and guests gathered at the Consul’s home and had a wonderful time.
Reception of the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin
This event took place at the home of our chairperson in conjunction with the Hollywood Bowl concerts. The 120-member orchestra and many members andguests were greeted on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the sister partnership.
On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the sister city partnership:
  • Gala Ball. This ball was held at the Century City Marriott Hotel. "Kristine Kupfer und das Kleine Orchester" (nine musicians from Berlin) were jointly sponsored by the Initiative Berlin/USA e.V. and the Los Angeles-Berlin Sister Committee. Air transportation was provided by American Airlines! FUNDRAISER !

  • Tree Planting in the Berlin Forest in Griffith Park with Mayor Diepgen.
  • Luncheon with Mayor Diepgen (Town Hall) at the Los Angeles Hilton.
  • Dinner with Mayor Diepgen. 40 guests attended. An interesting exchange of thoughts and experiences took place.

  • Marie Mallé , Chansonette from Berlin. She gave us “ a little of Berlin” through her songs. Maria is a very talented performer and we look forward to seeing and hearing her soon again.

  • Opening of the “Berlin Wall Exhibit” organized by Meridian House, Wash. D.C. A joint project of the Cultural Affairs Dept. L.A. Goethe Institut and the Los Angeles-Berlin Sister Committee. Our Committee arranged a reception following the event and contributed $2000.

  • “Die Distell”, a political cabaret. Songwriter Wolf Biermann and Maria Mallé, Berlin, with chansons at the Goethe Institut.
Discussion with Actor Eric Baeden - April 1993
At the Braeden Residence. Members of a study group from Berlin and our L.A. Committee met to exchange views and ideas.
Dinner Reception for Dr. Christine Bergmann, Deputy Mayor of Berlin - May 1993
At the chair’s home, more than 120 guests enjoyed the presentation given by Dr. Bergmann in German. This was followed by a question-and-answer session. Dr. Bergmann’s presentation was most impressive as was the translation done by Dr. Hans Wagener.

Picnic in the “Berlin Forest”, in Griffith Park - July 1993 A choir from Germany were to perform. Cancelled. Student Exchange “Youth Bridge” Several students between the ages of 18 and 25 were invited to live with German families for two weeks.

Exchange of Young Professionals - August 1993
A group of young professionals went to Berlin to work for German companies. This exchange has been arranged through the joint effort of the German-American Chamber of Commerce, German Consulate General (Dep. Consul General Stefan Schlüter), Goethe Institut (Holger Hartmann) and the Los Angeles-Berlin Sister Committee.
“Study Group” from the Technische Universität Berlin - October 1993
Students from Berlin spent 6 weeks in Los Angeles in preparation for their one-year stay to conduc t comparative social studies. Deputy Consul General Stefan Schlüter and his wife Anna arranged a lovely welcome dinner for them at their home. Projects and Programs from 1992 to 1998 of the Los Angeles - Berlin Sister Committee.
Student Exchange
The search for a Los Angeles High School interested in a student exchange program with a Berlin school has turned out to be a difficult project. For various reasons, several schools did not see a possibility at this time for such an exchange. We have to find enough students with a knowledge of German and of coordinating the two calendars of the Berlin and the Los Angeles school system. Edith Potter will continue to work on this project.
Sophia Reuter, Violonist - Fundraiser - November 1993
With the help of Jürgen Graf, Initiative Berlin-USA and the Senatskanzlei, the Committee sponsored the brilliant young Berlin violinist Sophia Reuter and pianist Jeffrey Gilliam, Seattle. The concert was held at the chair’s home and followed by a cocktail buffet. The event was very successful. FUNDRAISER!
Earthquake Relief- January 1994
After the devastating earthquake that hit Los Angeles in January, citizens in Berlin quickly came to the aid of their friends in Los Angeles. A very substantial amount has been collected through private initiative by Berliners. The Los Angeles-Berlin Sister City Committee itself immediately donated $10,000 in aid to the City and began a fund-raising drive among the members. The members of the Board suggested that earthquake damaged schools should be helped with these funds. So far 30 schools have been identified to receive money to buy instructional material that will not be replaced by the city, state or federal relief funds.
Ceremony at L.A. Council Meeting at City Hall - March 1994
Jürgen Graf, Chair Initiative Berlin-USA who had initiated the earthquake relief campaign, presented a “television” check in the amount of $500,000 to Mayor Riordan during a ceremony at the L.A. City Council meeting. Immediately following, the real check waspresented by Mr. Graf to the Los Angeles Educational Partnership at another ceremony at the John F. Kennedy High School in Granada Hills. The LAEP, in consolation with a representative from the Los Angeles-Berlin Sister Committee and the Consulate General of Germany, then distributed this money to earthquake-damaged schools in the Los Angeles area. We were touched and grateful to the City of Berlin and Mr. Graf who launched this campaign.
“Frühschoppen” - April 1994
The brunch with a jazz band consisting of five Angelenos organized to give our members a chance to get better acquainted and to attract new members, was very successful. Karin Memmert chaired this event.
Spring/ Exchange of Choirs
  • Summer “Cantori Domino” - Los Angeles

  • “Camerata Vocale” - Berlin

  • Camerata Vocale, a well-known Berlin Choir, performed Mozart’s“Requiem” on April 2nd at St. Augustine by the Sea Church, Santa Monica. We assisted with housing and publicity. In turn, a Los Angeles choir will be visiting Berlin.
  • Exchange of Berlin Workers

  • A group of professionals from Berlin came to Los Angeles to work for one year. We co-funded this project together with the German-American Chamber of Commerce, the Senatskanzlei as well as the Initiative Berlin-USA e.V. and assisted with jobs, housing, board meetings, etc.
Berlin Sociology Students
completing their second study in Los Angeles. We set up appointments for them to visit eight Los Angeles schools that had been damaged severely during the January earthquake.
UCL Children’s show - July 1994
UCL (Universal Love for Children) wished to present their shows in Berlin and other German towns in 1995 at Centers for handicapped retarded and battered children. They did not ask for any financial help. We did, however, sponsor their trip and found necessary contacts for them. Upon their return they informed us of their successful visit and plans for presenting their shows in 1995. Mural Art Photo Documentation Exhibits between three cities: Los Angeles, Mexico City and Berlin. The Exchange of Painters was dropped. Instead we contributed $4,000 toward this exhibit which opened in June at the Central Public Library L.A. Several young Los Angeles muralists painted wall murals in Berlin under the guidance of professional muralists and, in turn, young artists from Berlin have come to Los Angeles to show their talents here. We co-sponsered this project along with the Goethe Institut, Cultural Affairs Dept. L.A. and the Cultural Affairs of the Mayor of Berlin.
Klaus Haetzel and his Friendship Team - July 1994
This team competed in the 5,000 Kilometer Race Across America (RAAM) to promote German-American friendship. Mr. Haetzel has served as duty officer of the Berlin Senate Press Office for 25 years. The race began on July 29 here in Los Angeles and ended eight days later in Savannah/Georgia. Our Committee organized a Welcome Party at the Chairman’s home with dinner following. The race was completed successfully.
Delegation to Berlin to Bid Farewell to the American Troops - September 1994
Under the guidance of our chairperson Rosemarie Reisch, a delegation of 14 persons went to Berlin on the occasion of the departure of the Allied Troops. This five-day stay was a most interesting and memorable experience. The Senatskanzlei gave us a warm welcome and Mr. Heinz Fanselau arranged for us to attend farewell ceremonies at the House of Representatives and the Red City Hall as well as the “Große Zapfenstreich”. We would like to thank Berlin for the generosity extended to us. >>read more

Dancing under the Stars - October 1994

Our annual FUNDRAISER was most successful. This Dinner Dance took place in the atmosphere of a private home which everyone enjoyed. Kristiane Kupfer from Berlin and her accompanist Wilfried Schmuck delighted everyone with hits from all over the world. The Raffle Program added much to the financial success of this event. We would like to thank all sponsors for their support and our chair for the use of her home and lovely garden.
Student Exchange
The search for a Los Angeles High School interested in a student exchange program with a Berlin school turned out to be a difficult project. A school recommended to us by the L.A. Unified School Board had lost their German teacher and consequently was not interested. Two other schools in the San Fernando Valley did not see a possibility at this time for such an exchange. Since then, we found great interest in a student exchange at Hamilton High School and are in the process of trying to set up an arrangement. There is still the problem of finding enough students with a knowledge of German and of coordinating the two calendars of the Berlin and Los Angeles school systems. We also contacted a private high school to find out whether or not they might be interested in a biennial exchange.
Christmas Party - December 1994
This Christmas party with Cameron Silver, a Los Angeles based artist, was especially organized for our members and friends, presenting “From Berlin to Babylon”, an hour of songs by Kurt Weill and Friedrich Holländer. The program was followed by Christmas music performed by “the Twins from Thüringen - Jörg and Jens Ward”, pianists, and “Tammy”, vocalist. We all sang-along and some of our members’ offspring enchanted us with Christmas songs and poems. This event took place at the chair’s home and was a delightful way to ring in the Holidays.
Dinner for Dr. jur. Butz and Consul General Hans-Alard vonRohr - January 1995
A dinner for Dr. jur. Michael-Andreas Butz and Consul General Hans-Alard vonRohr was arranged on January 22 at Café Moustache. Dr. Butz, Secretary of State and Speaker of the Berlin Senate, wanted to meet with members of our Committee during his visit to Los Angeles. Themembers attending on very short notice enjoyed very much discussing matters of mutual concern with their guests and learning about new developments in Berlin.
Berlin Visitors - February 1995
Recently Senator a.D. Klaus Franke, Representative of the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives Berlin and President of the Partnership of Parliaments, as well as Alfons Schoeps, Managing Director of Partnership of Parliaments, came to Los Angeles. Senator Franke intended to discuss structural changes and upcoming projects with regards to our sister city partnership during the coming months and in 1995. Members were informed as to subjects discussed at this dinner meeting.
Kristiane Kupfer, Chansons from Berlin - September 1995
Kristiane Kupfer from Berlin again agreed to delight us with her songs and international hits on September 9 at the chair’s home. We started off the event with a “Kaffee und Kuchen Buffet” at 3:30 p.m. followed by Kristiane’s performance “Kristiane Kupfer Pur” at 5 p.m. FUNDRAISER! Painters Exchange between Los Angeles and Berlin, six painters from Berlin and the former GDR exhibited their art in Los Angeles throughout the month of September. Last year five painters from L.A. exhibited their works in Berlin. On September 19 a reception was held from 2 to 4 p.m. Guests were able to welcome and talk to the artists. The exhibit took place at the Los Angeles Artcore Center. Our Committee contributed $1,000 toward this wonderful project.
Youth Bridge
Sponsored by Initiative Berlin-USA e.V. Partnership of Parliaments. In June, a contribution of $1,500 was made toward this program. Twenty young people from Berlin came to Los Angeles to get to know our city, Angelenos and life in Southern California. We hope that our contribution helped to make their stay even more enjoyable.
“Chicano Express” Exhibit and Workshop
A contribution of $250 was made to Self-Help Graphics in Los Angeles, an organization which, together with Chicano artist Jose Antonio Tomas Benitez, arranged this “Chicano Expression” exhibit. During its showing at AMERICA HOUSE in Berlin in May 1995, this exhibit, a colorful selection of Mexican-American Art from Los Angeles, reached a large audience.
Clara Schumann Children’s Choir-Berlin
The choir performed at the Golden Gate International Children’s Choral Festival. Following Detlef and Erika Guttke’s suggestion, our Committee contributed $510 to cover expenses to lease a bus in order to make the stay in California more enjoyable for the Berlin visitors.
Painters Exchange - Berlin-Los Angeles
Our Committee gave $800 to cover part of the travel expenses for one of the artists from Berlin to be present at the Opening exhibition.
Annual Christmas Party - December 1995
Again our members and friends celebrated the pre-holiday season at our Christmas-Party. There was caroling and a delicious cocktail buffet.
HERMANN PREY - Liederabend - January 1996
More than 170 persons came to experience this so magical evening at the Chair’s home. Mr. Prey sang Schubert’s “Schöne Müllerin” accompanied by William Vendice, chorus master of the L.A. Opera. Many will not forget this inspiring event. We are very grateful to Hermann Prey for this generous gift to our Committee and its members and friends! FUNDRAISER!
Special Screening of Classical Silent Films - April 1996
With Live Accompaniment by the German Film Orchestra of Babelsberg (Berlin). On April 11, 12 and 13,  rare screenings of the silent films “The Last Command” (1928) and “Nosferatu” (1922) were accompanied live bythis 72-piece orchestra. We contributed $5,000 toward this worthy project. Many of our members attended and enjoyed these events. We set aside tickets (discounted) for the screening of the “Last Command” shown on April 11 at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This event was made possible through the Ministry of Culture Berlin/Brandenburg, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Goethe Institut Los Angeles (C. Volkmar-Clark).
Olympic Torch - April 1996
On April 27, 1996 at 2:27 p.m. the Olympic Torch passed in front of the Red Lion Tavern on Glendale Blvd. We arranged a very enjoyable get-together. Many came and cheered. It was a most delightful “Olympic Party”.
Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin - April 1996
Five young musicians between 18 and 32 were invited under the motto “Partner Berlin - Berlin’s Partner” by the Kammerorchester to perform in five concerts at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin on April 28. All travel expenses were covered by Berlin. Dr. Cornelius Schnauber of USC and Rodney Punt, City of L.A., were helpful in selecting the artists. It was a gratifying experience and the candidates had a very pleasant and successful stay in Berlin. Our thanks go to Dr. Schnauber and Rodney Punt for their support.
Study Group Robert Koch Oberschule - Berlin - April 1996
Hochschule der Künste - Berlin
During the week before Easter, approximately twenty young students visited Los Angeles to study and gain insight into the art and cultural scene of Los Angeles. This project was made possible through the financial support of the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation and various other Berlin supporters. We arranged a meeting in order for them to get to know members and friends of our organization.
Lori Donato - Cabaret - July 1996
Lori Donato of Los Angeles presented her cabaret show “ I love bein’ here with you” to the Los Angeles - Berlin Sister Committee and friends followed by a garden party. Lori performed in Berlin during the months of May and June. This was a most enjoyable afternoon.
Oktoberfest - 1996
Our “Oktoberfest” turned out to be a great success with more than 250 guests attending. We welcomed 40 visitors, most of them from the former GDR, who had been driving their “Zwickauer Trabis” fromChicago to L.A. on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of Route 66. The Trabi Corso was the highlight of the Oktoberfest. The parade of cars brought back memories of that day almost seven years ago when the Berlin wall came down and thousands of Trabis were met by cheering West Berliners. A lively exchange of interesting experiences and stories of adventure along the way took place between our visitors from Germany and the Los Angelenos. Our thanks go to all the donors, especially LUFTHANSA, who contributed generously to make the Raffle Program exciting and to everyone who helped to organize this very special event! >>read more
Annual Christmas Party - December 1996
Our Annual Christmas Party took place on December 15. There was, as always, music, caroling and cheers. The San Gabriel High School Choir sang for us. It was a lovely way to celebrate the holiday season together.
Exchanges of Probation Officer - April 1997
We informed our members already regarding this exchange organized by Checkpoint Charlie Stiftung Berlin. We helped to establish the contacts here in L.A. On April 21 a Dinner Reception was given by the Chair for 18 Berlin Probation Officers and numerous guests from the Sheriff’s Dept. as well as the host families. A return visit by a group of Los Angeles Probation Officers to Berlin is planned to take place in about 2 months. A lively exchange took place between the Berliners and Angelenos.
Youth Bridge - June 1997
Again Edith Potter arranged for a group of eight young Los Angelenos to spend two weeks with host families in Berlin. Next year Los Angeles host families will welcome friends between the ages18 and 25 in our city. This program is sponsored by the Checkpoint Charlie Stiftung Berlin / Initiative Berlin USA. Jane Helmchen, Project Director in Berlin, writes, “This year’s group was excellent and we have had only glowing faces, great interest and really outstanding representation of your country .... Dushenka gave a marvelous speech in front of 600 persons in German and English.” Our Committee covered the cost of the airfare in the amount of $900 for one of the participants.
Interactive Tele-Conference - June 1997
The Anniversary Celebrations began with a unique interactive teleconference between Berlin and Los Angeles with both Mayor Riordan and Mayor Diepgen (on-screen) as well as several celebrities attending this event.Many came early in the morning to this breakfast meeting and participated in the conversations that went back and forth on- and off screen. There was an animated and cheerful exchange between the two mayors. The event ended with a toast to the ever-growing friendship between Berlin and Los Angeles. $4000 was spent on equipment rental to realize this interactive conference. >>read more
Anniversary Dinner Dance - November 1997
On November 7th we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the sister city partnership Berlin-Los Angeles with a great Ball at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This was a very successful event with many guests attending including a delegation from Berlin led by Alexander Longolius and Alfons Schoeps, Checkpoint Charlie Stiftung Berlin, a Big Band, entertainers from Berlin Wiebke Wiedeck, Matthias Freihof, Wilfried Schmuck. With the support and help of many sponsors, especially LUFTHANSA, we were able to raise funds for our many projects through a very successful Raffle Program. The atmosphere was wonderful and we could feel that the bonds and ties that exist between the cities are very strong indeed. FUNDRAISER! >>read more
Annual Christmas Party - December 1997
This Christmas Party was especially festive since it marked the end of the anniversary year. Singers of the Opera California delighted us with an excellent Christmas program and there was a lot of a membership participation, singing and reciting of poems by the children. We welcomed Hermann Prey again who happened to be in L.A. on this day and sang along with us. The performance was followed by a Christmas Buffet.
Dinner Reception for Berlin Mayor Eberhard Diepgen - April 1998
After a Breakfast with Mayor Riordan on April 3rd with city officials and numerous guests, a City Council Meeting, a presentation at the World Affairs Council on “Berlin moving toward the year 2000”, a memorable reception for veterans involved in the Berlin Airlift 50 years ago, a visit to Villa Aurora (Institute for Exile Studies) and the Getty Center, a Tour of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL in Pasadena, where German engineers from the Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt DLR and other representatives talked about Germany’s and especially Berlin’s participation in exploring our Solar System, Mayor Diepgen and his Delegation which included Speaker of the Senate Dr. Michael-Andreas Butz, ended his 3 day-visit to the Southland by attending a dinner reception organized by the Los Angeles Sister Committee. Approximately 135 persons came to honor the mayor, among them Consul General Wolfgang Rudolph and his wife, Major General and Mrs. John Mitchell of Denver (he was the Commander of the Armed Forces in Berlin before the Fall of the Wall), Oscar nominee Armin-Müller Stahl and his wife and camera man Michael Ballhaus. Many guests took the opportunity to greet the mayor personally and to learn more about the “New Berlin” which will be a blend of the traditional and the new. We look forward to welcoming the mayor more often in our city since these visits will even strengthen the already very solid relationship between the two cities.
Annual Membership Meeting - May 1998
On May 27 the Annual Membership Meeting was held at the Goethe Institut Los Angeles. All members were invited and urged to attend this important meeting. We discussed important topics, projects, events, questions re by-laws, etc. Election/re-election of new board members. Reception followed.
Police Officer Exchange
An Exchange of Police Officers will take place between the city of Berlin and L.A. (We are supposedly involved in this, but I will have to get more information from Tom La Bonge).
Youth Bridge sponsored by Initiative Berlin USA e.V. - July 1998
In July again an exchange of young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who stayed with host families took place. This time Berliners came to L.A. Please call Dr. Edith Potter for information at (909)626-1103. This program has been extremely successful since young people from both cities will gain insight into family life, the cultural and business scene and, at the same time, improve their language skills.
International Oktoberfest - 1998
Our Committee is co-sponsoring this event with the German- American Chamber of Commerce. It will take place at a private residence on September 25 at 7.00 p.m. Many guests will also attend through Chambers of Commerce representing Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium. 1998 Friends of Goethe L.A./Berlin Sister Committee made a donation of $2,000 to the newly formed “Friends of Goethe”, a support group to help the Goethe Institut equip, install and maintain the library and the new multipurpose screening room. 1999 the Institut will show the exhibit “Potsdamer Platz” in connection with “Global Cities” combining Berlin and Los Angeles.