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We thank the current BOARD OF DIRECTORS for their great team work!

From left: William Basel, Gary Shapiro, Heinz Niederhoff, Rosemarie Reisch, Michael Wolff, Frank Mottek, Henry Mulak

As well as DIRECTORS who have served on the board for many years in the past: Christiane Christiansen, Robert Blum, Detlef Guttke, Silvia Kratzer, Karin Memmert, Erika Monks

January 20, 2018 at 4:30 PM

Private Residence, San Marino, CA

Musical performance with Berlin-based musician and composer Beatrix Becker accompanied by guitarist Benjamin Doppscher and Moscow cellist Georgy Gusev

In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary 0f the sister city partnership, the LA-Berlin SCC hosted a very special event highlighting 50 years of a vibrant relationship between Los Angeles and Berlin.
This memorable evening would also be the last event of the LA-Berlin Sister City Committee.
True to their mission, the Committee invited Berlin-based composer and musician Beatrix Becker and her friends to present her "Bridges of Music". The versatile Trio truly spelled magic traversing many musical styles. Beatrix studied clarinet and piano at the Mainz School of Music and musicology at the Humboldt University Berlin and received further training in jazz and world music. She has recorded numerous albums and toured Germany, Europe, Israel and the USA extensively. Her project BRIDGES has been supported by the German Consulate General in New York and toured from there to London and Berlin

Rosemarie Reisch, who served the organization for 24 years as its president, welcomed the members, friends and sponsors among them Consul General Hans Joerg Neumann and many leaders of German-American institutions who had come together at this celebration which acknowledges Fifty Years of a very meaningful friendship between the sister cities. She thanked especially the members and sponsors and those who had consistently helped with events and programs for their loyal support and generosity and expressed her appreciation and praised the great team work of the current Board of Directors as well as directors who had served in the past. She pointed out the many exchange programs with people from all walks of life (students, policemen, artists, professionals....), the receptions for numerous dignitaries and the exciting anniversary celebrations with Max Raabe and his Palast Orchester, Ute Lemper with "A Journey from Berlin to LA" at Royce Hall/UCLA, the international fashion show "Fashion Made in Berlin" with Berlin designers at the Vibiana Cathedral, and the 10-year anniversary celebration of the Fall of the Berlin Wall which took place at LA City Hall. She emphasized the significant changes both cities have experienced over the five decades, the most dramatic the Fall of the Wall in 1989 which changed the map of the world. She was followed by Consul General Hans Joerg Neumann who praised the productive work and perseverance of the LA-Berlin SCC to sustain this wonderful partnership.

At the Champagne and Dinner reception following, a very lively exchange took place with everyone reminiscing and insisting that this great partnership has to go on for another 50 years!